Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OK - Back to Play I mean Work

Even though I am not done reorganizing my work space I am feeling optimistic. Today girlfriends and I took a sledge hammer and crowbar to one of my old work tables. Tomorrow two new ones (new to me) are coming in. I will have an eight by eight foot table space!

We tore it to bits to get it out of the house.

An empty floor for 24 hours.
I decided to join Seth Apters disintegration project so my piece is now in my backyard.

I did not roll things real tight because I have started sort of late and I want the weather to have a chance to do its thing. I also added strings and fluff for the birds. It is about nesting time here.

Finished and mailed my 22 ATCs for a swap. This is my first swap so I am enjoying it and excited to see every ones work.

Machine felted backgrounds with embellishments.

Worked on my Fabric Art Workshop. I am really enjoying this and learning a lot.

Dyna Flow on silk (Lasagna dyeing)

Sun printing with Dyna Flow on silk.

Bubble wrap and Dyna Flow on silk.

Accordion pleats with Dyna Flow on silk.

Saturday I am taking another of Leighanna Light's workshops. This one is called "Funky Found Object Canvas Village". It also should help stretch me (maybe I could get tall and skinny). It is going to be held at Off Center in Albuquerque.

Last night I went to a local quilting chapter (New Mexico Quilters Association) and heard a lecture by Lauren Camp. It was exciting and I loved her Jazz series. It is interesting to see how different artists approach their work.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beat but happy

It has been way too long since I have posted. I stay busy all day but sometimes I do not seem to get anything finished. Have been working on ART workshops and a couple of swaps. The ATC's are almost done, they should be finished this weekend.

A local frame shop decided to close up and had lots of mat board they gave away. I was able to save some for myself but most of it I hauled down to Off Center. They were happy to get the mats, some nice frames, glass, some shelving and some display stuff. Many thanks to Diana and happy framing to Off Center! It was five loads of stuff and I am tired. Over sixty and fat can do one in.

I keep seeing artists on line who are straightening or redoing their studios or work spaces. Maybe it because it is almost spring here but I have started to work on mine. I have fives different spaces available to me and they all need work. Right now I am working on two of them and they are coming along nicely. I get so frustrated when I can't find things so I am labeling everything and it already is helping. Mixed media uses so many different things and I want to save everything because i just might need it someday.

Well, I guess I better get some sleep so I can start again tomorrow. I will post picture next time. it just doesn't feel right not to have color on my blog.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keep working forward

OK I am breathing normal again. It is nice to play off of all the things I started in my week of chaos. Yesterday I worked at a polling place for a local school election. Boring!!! However, good things come from strange places. One of the ladies there uses Adobe Photoshop (a program I just got) and she showed me how to get started on the system. So much better than trying to learn from a 700 page manual. Also with the down time I was able to do a Zentange that I really like.

My Zentangle
Done on a piece of paper from a card I received. Look at Christmas cards and other cards, they often are done on wonderful paper. There are areas of the paper where there is no writing or it is thick enough that the printing does not show. In these cards there are other gorgeous papers that can be recycled.

I am working on some ATCs for an exchange. Not done yet, but definitely making progress. I need to make 22 of these puppies.

These are all made from scraps and recycled items (an old lab coat, scraps from my machine felted art pieces, pieces from upholstery samples).

I have been working on an ATC workshop. I love working on the pieces but so far have only been working on the bases. I think I am intimidated by the paper. I just am not sure what to put on it. I will figure it out, but right now fabric is easier. But what the heck, by the time I finish the workshop I should be able to sing and dance, stand on my head, and put embellishments on paper, right?

intuitive drawing on watercolor base

stenciled acrylic - acrylic base

stenciled acrylic - acrylic base

acrylic paint on stamp - watercolor over metallic pen for base

acrylic paint on stamp - watercolor over metallic pen for base

pearlized paint on paper towel - torn and applied to base

torn paper applied to base & inked

Lumiere paint on paper towel and applied to base

Lumiere painted paper towel - torn and applied to base - ink stamped

slide holder painted and stenciled

slide holder painted and stenciled

I have not forgotten about my photography. I still am carrying my camera most places I go. I was in the bread store the other day and snapped this picture. I love fresh bread but I don't make my own anymore.