Monday, January 26, 2009


It has been awhile since I have had time to sit down and visit my own blog. I had eight days of constant art stimulation. I am so tired but so happy. First. I did take my class with Leanna Light and had a great time. It introduced me to using metal in my art (aside from a little silver smithing I have not really used any).

Leanna on the right - getting us started.

My pieces at a very early stage. I will post them again as they are completed.

Girlfriend Ella, came over and we worked on the Fiber Art Workshop exercises together. It is always a day of giggling and great fun.

FAW(2) Hot glue on foil - then applied to quilt block. This is so shiny!
Then my friend, Judy, made it down from Colorado. It was so good to see her and her husband. This was the first time in over twenty five years we have had an extended visit without having some outside influence on our time. I was able to introduce her to some of my mixed media passions and she helped me to get over some of my inhibitions regarding watercolor. We both did Zen Tangles for the first time. Her's were great, mine were OK.

I need a finer pen if I am going to work on ATC sizes.
She fell in love with my felting machine. I think she will be a proud owner of one soon. I got some of my pieces trimed to ATC size. Now I need to embelish them.

The ATC's are a great way for me to use up the trimings of my larger pieces.

Another friend, Lynne, and I started on papercloth awhile ago. I pulled mine out and got the pieces done. I don't know what I am going to make out of it but I think it is kind of fun and funky stuff.

(muslin - matt gel medium - images on paper - matt gel medium - tissue paper - matt gel medium - paint - stamping)

We worked with watercolors a bit. It is just background stuff but I was able to keep my colors clear.

Pieces for my ATC workshop

water color on paper

Acrylic paint on paper towel

Pearlized paint on paper towel

Watercolor on baby wipes

We also started dolls. I have lots of parts that we made. I will show them as they get farther along.

Friday, January 16, 2009

There's a picture everywhere

Went to the store, saw all kinds of color and shapes, had to take pictures. Here are a few.

I love the colors and textures of the market.
Tomorrow I take a class from Leanna Light. I have never worked with metal before so it is exciting. I'll post soon. Monday my friend Judy is coming to stay for a week. We have been friends since I was seventeen and it has been a long time since we have had time to play together. We have five whole days to create together. I can't hardly wait!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Need for Community

I began my day by taking a car load (and I mean a load!) of fabric down to a place called Off Center. So much fabric is lovingly donated to our community quilting group, but some of it really is meant for clothing or crafting so we find homes for it. They were so happy to get it that it made my day. There is a place for everything in this world if we just look for it.

While I was waiting for them to open I went to a little cafe down the street. I sat with a raspberry scone and a cup of coffee and people watched for a few minutes. I had my trusty camera so I took a few pictures inside the cafe.

They had plenty of coffee.

What a great roaster!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have put myself in the position of having to produce, I joined three groups. The one I talked about last time "Fabric Art Workshop", and "artist trading card workshop" by Bernie Berlin. These each have a weekly exercise so I will post what I do. The other is "creative every day". Theory is to create something everyday, right now the theme is play. I also committed myself to my photography exercise.
(FAW-1) Angelina fibers fused over a stamp.
(FAW-1) Angelina fibers fused, sliced, woven, fused.
(FAW-1) Angelina fibers fused, cut into bits, dropped on a bed of fibers, fused again.

(FAW-1) Shiva paint stick with stencil.

(FAW-1) Shiva paint stick shadowing (the soft black lines).

(FAW-1) Shiva paint stick rubbed over a texture sheet.

Today was our local mixed media group. Good friends, great show and tell, and yummy food. What more can you ask for?

Michelle Jackson is so talented. You might Google her name and see her work and patterns.

Some of you may know the lady on the top left. Elizabeth Dawson made a new quilt for her own bed.

I was looking out my window and realized how seldom I really looked at the bottles on my windowsill. Today's picture.

I love blue glass.

Friday, January 2, 2009

No New Years Resolutions

On New Years Eve I thought about resolutions and decided that I want to do more and learn more. But I also want to be relaxed and enjoy life, so no artificial deadlines and lists.

I am joining a online workshop for the first time so I should have pics as I go along. I don't know the rules about giving out data on groups, so I will just say it is based on Susan Stein's book "fabric art workshop". I buy books, look at the eye candy, say I'm going to try it, and then go and buy another book and do it all over again. This workshop will get me to actually work with the different products that I buy instead of just collecting them. Can you tell I am sort of down on myself? I really do like myself and I enjoy my art but sometimes I get in a rut. Anyway, I have gathered my supplies and I am ready to start.

Let it begin

I also am working on a quilt right now. I have been creating wonky circles out of my bright scrap pile. I think it will be a fun quilt. I don't know how big it will be when it is done. I guess it will let me know.

my kind of colors

As I have said before I love working with scraps and recycle fabric and things. I have this wonderful source for upholstery scraps but I need some more ideas on how to use them. I make pillows and purses. I pull threads to use for couching. I fringe small pieces to use for emblishments. I use the fabric as background for some wall hangings. I needle felt it. Anyone have any other ideas? It is a gorgeous mountain of fabric. Taking this picture made me realize that I really do need to tackle it again.

inspiration needed

I was working with my Sweet Charity ladies this week. They were learning a new crochet pattern for making blankets to wrap still born babies in. I was watching their hands and realized how special this group is and what those hands have done over the years. Thousands of quilts, hundreds of handmade scarves and pillows have been made. They work tirelessly and then donate all their work to people they have never seen.

works of art