Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walk with a camera

I know I am supposed to exercise but I don't like to, however give me an excuse to take photos and I will get out and do it. So the idea is to trick myself into walking to where the subjects may be. In truth I know that there are things to photograph everywhere. I went for a walk with my friend Lynne and found many within a half mile of the house.

The day was sunny, great for shadow play.
Found an old wall that had great texture.
Texture and light is what it is all about.
Repetition makes for comfort and depth in this photo.

I love macro photography. This is actually a edge of a four inch wooden landscaping post.

Part of a grate for water drainage.

Summer has come

It is so nice to go outside and feel the sun on my face and see all the flowers that are blooming now. It also means I really have to get out and work on the yard. Maybe some tomorrow.

California poppies are always such bright spots in the garden.

I found seeds for these beautiful wild poppies in a vacant lot across the street from where I live. They no longer come up over there so I am glad I was able to save some of them. They are very prolific. The flowers are short lived but they keep coming up and then they have a pretty seed head. I know spring has come when I see the green shoots from these plants.

Music ATC's

I mailed off seventeen ATC's today. It was so good to get them finished! I am happy with the results.
Rusted fabric background/ music notes printed with laserjet printer / rusted lace / treble cleft made with a glue gun and foil.

Fabric Art Workshop

I am getting close to the end of the Fabric Art Workshop. I really have learned a lot by participating in this group. It made me try things that I had only intended to do. Does anyone else buy products and have them set for years before trying them out? I am so bad!!!

Commercial fabric over dyed with a marbled shaving cream technique, then stamped with a natural aspen leaf sprayed with a translucent paint and applied with a brayer.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It is still disintergrating

Just a few more days until it is time to take down my disintegration bundle. This photo was taken about six weeks ago. The canyon winds have knocked my bundle to the ground five times already.

Two weeks ago I took this photo. Winds had taken it to the ground again. Apple blossoms can make anything look better.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My first Altered book

I began an online class given by Elizabeth of the "Altered Book Lover" blog. I truly am appreciative of her generous gift of her time and talents to those of us who really want to learn. I will be posting pieces that have taught me something new, or that I really liked. My theme is from a Tony Robbins seminar of Life Mastery that I took many years ago. I have such wonderful memories and I am looking forward to encapsulating them in an art form.
My inside cover.
I created my first niche.

A background page made with acrylic paint and a old credit card.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Time for 101 in 1001

Lately I have been working at challenging myself to do new and creative things. I keep seeing the 101 in 1001 days challenge on other artists blogs. I decided to try setting up my own challenges. Most of my items have to do with my art work and not my life as a whole even though I know they intertwine. There are a few that do affect my ability to do more so I included them. I want this blog to remain as my art journal. There is no order to this list just random thoughts. I am going to use Jan 1, 2009 as my start date. I do not want to loose the momentum that I have begun. September 29, 2011 is my end date.

1) Take class to push myself to new level
2) Take class to push myself to new level
3) Take class to push myself to new level
4) Take class to push myself to new level
5) Take class to push myself to new level
6) Teach art class
7) Teach art class
8) Have art retreat -home
9) Have art retreat - home
10) Have art retreat -home
11) Have art retreat - home
12) Work with Friendly plastic
13) Zentangles
14) Shrink Plastic
15) Non wax resist
16) Rust Dyeing
17) Altered Book Workshop
18) Fabric Art Workshop
19) ATC Workshop
20) Water Color Journaling Workshop
21) Soap
22) Cloth paper
23) 1000 photos
24) Blog on my site 150 times
25) Circle quilt
26) ATC group exchange
27) ATC group exchange
28) ATC group exchange
29) 50 individual ATC exchanges
30) 50 individual post card exchanges
31) Small journal books
32) Art retreat - travel
33) Vacation
34) Vacation
35) Vacation
36) Organize the large studio area
37) Organize the bedroom studio area
38) Organize the fabric area
39) Organize the mini studio area
40) Organize the ceramic area
41) Potters wheel
42) College art course
43) College art course
44) College art course
45) Armatures
46) 2 foot by 3 foot machine felted piece
47) Set up paper letter file bins
48) 5 purses
49) 5 purses
50) 5 purses
51) 5 machine felted pieces
52) 5 machine felted pieces
53) 5 machine felted pieces
54) - 10
55) - 10
56) - 10
57) Workable pool
58) Railrunner
59) Make a self portrait
60) Draw people
61) Donate an art piece
62) Submit to an art magazine
63) Read 25 books just for fun
64) Really read my art magazines when they come in
65) Make 5 niche art pieces with framing pieces
66) Model Magic
67) Get 3 friends to join me on this journey
68) Carve 3 stamps
69) Make 3 stamps
70) Make 3 stamps
71) Downsize my things
72) Tassels
73) Learn Adobe PhotoShop
74) Set up family's (Mom) photos on the computer
75) Fabric dyeing
76) Set up my photos on the computer
77) Make 10 photo art pieces on the Internet
78) More fabric beads
79) Quiet time on the couch on the patio
80) Garden around apple tree
81) Photography day at the zoo
82) Photography day on Canyon Road
83) Set up on Etsy
84) Work in black and white
85) Walk once a week and find art things
86) Work with an volunteer art group
87) Go through old magazines for letters, color and images
88) Enjoy working on flowers in my yard
89) Go to galleries and shows
90) Make art from a poem
91) Make art from a song
92) Make art from a picture
93) Make art monochromatic
94) Art quilt
95) Art quilt
96) Paper making from gourds
97) Assemblage
98) Painted paper 5 different techniques
99) Glass ball from bowling ball
100) Review this list monthly and update
101) Keep building this list for the next 1001 days

Those who know me well, do you want to join me on some of these? Great fun to be had!!!