Monday, December 15, 2008

December 2008

The blog is about ready for weekly use. Look backwards (old blogs) to see what I have added to my history. After today I will write forward.

Sweet Charity - We finished and distributed 737 quilts this year. They go to about thirty groups in New Mexico.

This is a work day making love quilts.

These are for the Blue Stars mothers.

My mixed media group did a tin exchange. We all took a altoid tin (compliments of Lynne) and decorated it for someone else in the group.

This is the one I made for Linda. I think of her as elegant and glitzy. The flowers are made from Crayola's paper clay.

This is the one made for me by Michele. I love it.

This mixed media group is full of wonderful women. Here is a picture of some of the group at our last meeting.

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