Saturday, September 6, 2014

POETRY - Why Do Poets Write

Why Do Poets Write

Why do poets write?
The obvious, trite answer
because we have to.
But why?

I write because
I have no choice.
I need to tell my truth.

The words tremble
in my body
on my tongue.
My mind sometimes
frightened, terrified.

Banks of fog.
I pull phosphorus
letters from the sea.
I gather them
begin to build the words.
To tell my tale, my truth.

When I am afraid.
It makes me –

I pick I choose
till it is right
and then I sleep.

But still it is not done.
I say my poetry
gives me voice.
It does.

It requires that I speak
say it out loud. The words
spring to my lips.
Get caught in my tongue.

Sometimes tastes of bile,
other times so sweet, so light.

They can be sticky
grasping to my body
not wanting to leave
the safety of my lips.

Each time a word is
spoken, a sinew rips
and it is strengthened.

I am so tired.
I fall asleep.
I can rest.

I wake, I tremble
I write again
because I have to.

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