Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Year 2007

2007 was a time to relook at my artwork.

On a trip to California and Nevada I started to do macro photography. I love seeing what is inside of things we take for granted. I started taking pics of green things and just couldn't stop. I'm not sure what I will do with all these images but a few art projects are floating in my mind.

Recycle was in my blood before it ever became part of everyone's lifestyle. When I would take a class I would see people throwing away bits of gorgeous fabric. I asked for them and such began my fabric scrap addiction. I love making scrap quilts.

Postcards are so small. They are a perfect way to use up more scraps.

Still worked with my wonderful Sweet Charity group. We began making love quilts. We have gone far afield of the original style and it continues to evolve. This group made over six hundred quilts this year.

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Ponderosa Lady said...

Hi Ginny, I love your blog. Now I want one. You must be more computer literate than I, so maybe I need lessons. Especially enjoy the scrap quilts. I love free form. Ponderosa Lady